Who Are We

Several years ago, my son was diagnosed with autism. It was one of the hardest moments I have experienced. It affected me mentally and emotionally. I wanted my baby to have the BEST QUALITY of life.

Research shows mothers of children with autism can be under tremendous stress. It may seem like there is never enough time to do everything that needs to be done. So much focus and attention are placed on the child with autism, that it is common for parents to have little time or energy left to focus on themselves. 

Koqóvel Cosmetics and Skin Care products was birthed because I wanted to begin providing myself self-care in a time where depression had set in, and I lost myself in the busy of being a wife, mom and entrepreneur. 

Creating a brand that would aid in the health of my skin while providing the ability to create multiple looks made me feel more confident. It gave me the ability to work on myself in order to be the best mom I can be to my children. 




My brand allows me to create an opportunity to pour into women and mothers of children with exceptional needs. Providing the tools for self-care, embracing our flaws, and enjoying the skin you are in, are the top reasons for the creation of this brand. 




All About the Koqóvel Brand